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Presentations on Discourse

If you’d like a deeper dive into the philosophy of Discourse, the project – what it is, what it set out to do, and why it exists – I can recommend a few presentations and podcasts I’ve done over the years which go deeper on background than what you’ll find on the Discourse home page.

2013Forums Are Dead, Long Live Forums, presented at Forumcon

(You may want to follow the slide deck as you watch the video.)

2014Learning versus Discussion, presented at San Francisco Community Managers

2015User-Driven Product at Stack Overflow and Discourse, presented at Heavybit

2017Civilized Discourse .. But How? presented at Heavybit

2019Jeff Atwood on Discourse, Stack Overflow, and Building Online Community Platforms, with Jono Bacon

If you don’t have time for a video, I recommend clicking through to the Heavybit presentations in 2015 and 2017 as they offer a complete transcript you can quickly read through if you prefer.

There have been other presentations and podcasts, but these are best ones for getting a broader sense of what Discourse set out to do.