Why DevX innovator Okteto migrated from Slack to Discourse

Why DevX innovator Okteto migrated from Slack to Discourse

In software development, access to a collaborative community can be a game-changer as it enables shared problem-solving and continuous learning. We connected with Ramiro Berrelleza, the founder of Okteto, who launched his company with a clear vision: to "help software teams ship value faster by automating their development experience." When he founded Okteto he recognized the critical importance of building an engaged community around this vision.

The Challenge: Beyond the Walled Garden of Slack

Choosing Slack for its initial community platform, Okteto sought to leverage the tool's familiarity and immediate communication features. Over time the platform's limitations became evident. Ramiro shared with us, "We saw the initial engagement, but eventually, we realized that the engagement only happened inside the 'walled garden.' The knowledge (and the discussions) only lived on Slack, and only for a brief period. You couldn't google them, link them to an email, etc. They were, for all practical purposes, locked and lost.”  Ramiro didn't want “the work of our community, maintainers, and teammates to linger in a walled garden and go to waste.”

The Solution: Transitioning to Discourse

Looking for a platform capable of not just sustaining community engagement but also preserving long-term knowledge and providing SEO benefits, Okteto found its match with Discourse. Ramiro, reflecting on the strategic choice, highlighted the core benefit: “We found a solution that helps us to continue growing our community, while also enabling us to share the knowledge that is generated there with everyone.” This sentiment was further reinforced when Ramiro shared his enthusiasm about the community's capabilities, “I just love the fact that any community member can write a 'best practices' post today, and that it will be available to everyone. All they need is an internet connection and a browser.”

The journey of Okteto and its integration with Discourse underscores a critical insight for modern brands: the power of a public brand supported community in driving and maintaining engagement.