Install Discourse in Under 30 Minutes

A few key things came together recently:

  • The official release of Discourse 1.0, with 1 GB RAM minimum support
  • The release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server previously followed by 14.04
  • Our Docker container one-click upgrade process is fully tested, and Docker has reached V1.0

Which means you can now install the latest version of Discourse on a cloud server in under 30 minutes with absolutely zero knowledge of Ruby, Rails, or Linux Shell.

Why, it's almost … easy?

Props to @discourse for an unusually smooth setup with @digitalocean. Excellent instructions!

— Victor Sand (@vlgsand) November 16, 2014

Discourse is now officially well beyond version 1.0, so it's a great time to join the ecosystem.

Give our 30 minute cloud install a try. We even have a promo code to get you started – enter ALLSSD10 at Digital Ocean for $10 credit to cover your first month.

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