Discourse 1.1 and Release Schedule

Jeff Atwood November 10, 2014

In September, the entire Discourse Team had our yearly world meetup in Toronto. It was a blast!

Robin and Neil (not pictured, he has a thing with heights) hosted us and made sure a fun time was had by all in their home city. We rode segways, we climbed the tallest tower, we were trapped in puzzle rooms, we even killed a hobo. We also discussed the Discourse roadmap post V1, and how we decide what goes into future releases of Discourse.

The next stage of that plan is now complete. As of late last week, we shipped Discourse 1.1!

The complete release notes have a detailed summary of the hundreds of fixes, UI improvements, feature tweaks, and new features in Discourse 1.1, but here are a few highlights:

Improved Search

Search now provides a lot more feedback, including dates, category, and bolded matches in context.

There’s also finally a help link on search which describes all the custom operators and orders you can use, as well as providing general search tips.

Custom User Fields

You can specify custom boolean or text fields for user profiles, including fields that need to be captured at sign up time.

New User Cards

New user cards with customizable backgrounds and selectable badge images, if you hold a badge that has an eligible image associated. The user profile page also got some design updates.

1.1 is a polish release and reflects a stabler, faster, more secure Discourse. It’s what 1.0 should have been, but open source software is never “done”. Upgrade your instance today via our easy one click admin panel updater!

We’d like to thank the entire Discourse community for all their contributions toward this release, whether it was in pull requests, feedback on meta.discourse, or feedback on your own Discourse instance. Heck, we even listen to our customers, sometimes!

For insight into what’s coming up in future releases of Discourse, keep an eye on the releases category at meta discourse.

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for blau blau says:

    I like D. 1.2beta1 really, and the improved search is an enhancement on one of the most important and used features in my community. Thank you and all the developers!

    That said,

    If this is a pun or a reference to some meme that was intended to be fun, I don’t get it. I find it disturbing.

  2. It’s an old Daily Show joke. This Google search may explain:

    Or this clip…

    Or in interviews…

    SIN: One of the rumors that we have that sort of trickles around here is that…

    Jon: I once killed a hobo! With my bare hands! You are correct sir!

    SIN: Something like that… Basically, the rumor is that you hate us. You hate William & Mary, and you didn’t like your time here, and you would never consider saying anything good about the school.

    Jon: Oh no no no, that’s not the case. I didn’t necessarily have the greatest time there. But that wasn’t necessarily their fault.

    Or in guest interviews:

    In contrast, Stewart repeatedly challenges Christopher Horner, a global warming skeptic from the American Enterprise Institute. At the beginning of the interview, the host compares Horner’s book (The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism) to the IPCC report: “Yours is more interesting. The graphs and all of the other things in the other one—the data—I didn’t care for it.” Toward the end of the unusually contentious interview, Stewart asks his guest, “Have you ever killed a hobo?”

  3. Avatar for blau blau says:

    Thank you for bringing context, now I understand how the pun was intended.

  4. Might want to link to the daily show video on the expression, as I bet a lot of international folk may not get it.

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