A Warm Welcome to Spiceworks!

A Warm Welcome to Spiceworks!

We are thrilled to share the move of the Spiceworks community to Discourse

All about Spiceworks

As a professional network for the IT industry, Spiceworks offers the latest IT news, a variety of management tools, and a thriving community. When you visit their community you can explore a variety of categories – from Software, Vendors,  Networking,  Collaboration and more.  

The Spiceworks story began in 2006 when a visionary team founded the platform with a clear mission: to simplify the workday for IT professionals and  “spice up” the IT industry. As Spiceworks quickly evolved, expanding its scope to become more than just a suite of IT management tools; it became a dynamic ecosystem that fostered collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and a unique sense of community within the IT industry.

A successful migration 

The Spiceworks team has worked closely with our migration team and we want to take this moment to celebrate the culmination of their hard work and dedication! 

The successful transition to Discourse not only marks a technological evolution for Spiceworks but also underlines their commitment to innovation and collaboration within the IT community. 

We are excited for this new chapter in their community's development!