Discourse on Ubuntu: Video Walkthrough

admin June 14, 2013

Update: These instructions are deprecated. The only officially supported installs are Docker based. Please refer to our official install guide!

Ubuntu Server is our preferred Linux distribution at Discourse. They’re also one of our three beta partners.

Michael whipped up the Discourse Ubuntu install guide relatively quickly, but a few people requested that someone make a video, as they prefer them over text and find them easier to follow. So I thought I’d make one:

Comments and suggested improvements, either to the video or the install guide itself, are welcome!

Notable Replies

  1. Thanks for the video.
    I’m waiting for the other guide on configuring discourse itself. And it would be nice if there was a video on how to deploy and configure a separate DB server.

    Checkout for SSD Ubuntu servers, the base plan comes with 1 Core, 512M RAM, 20 G Storage and 1TB bandwidth for $5/m (I’m not affiliated with them, i just love the service they are offering)

    Has anyone tried discourse on Linode?

  2. Digital Ocean is a great choice, excellent performance for the price, and we have seen solid reliable results for forums deployed there.

  3. matt2 says:

    Has anyone tried on AWS? a public AMI would be awesome.

  4. Nedal says:

    Thanks for the video. Great work! When do you plan on getting the config video going?

  5. Nick says:

    I may work on a config video. No promises, but I will be setting up a bunch of servers in the weeks/months to come - so I don’t see why I shouldn’t record/caption it one time around. :smile:

    Also, both config and install change somewhat frequently, so I might update this every couple months, or as soon as there are new vital changes and necessary steps.

  6. Nedal says:

    Thanks Nick sounds like a busy schedule. Any thoughts on a walk through video on how to update Discourse for us noobs?

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