Discourse team grows to 50

Discourse team grows to 50

It's been a long, long time since we wrote about growing our team  to 20. The last few years have been good to us and as a result, we've grown steadily and have also continued giving back to open source wherever possible. You might have heard of the new arrivals if you frequent the Discourse Meta, but here's a list anyway.

Meet the rest of the team!

  • Daniela Bogazzi - Technical Advocate
  • Kyle Mitchell - Lawyer
  • Jeff Wong - Software Engineer
  • Johani Faris Saeed - Designer
  • Ginevra Brown - Community Accounts Specialist
  • David Taylor - Software Engineer
  • Rishabh Nambiar - Community Team Lead
  • Bianca Nenciu - Software Engineer
  • Penar Musaraj - Software Engineer
  • Saj Goonatilleke - Operations Engineer
  • Dan Ungureanu - Software Engineer
  • Taylor Henry - Technical Advocate
  • Roman Rizzi - Software Engineer
  • Justin DiRose - Technical Advocate
  • Daniel Waterworth - Software Engineer
  • Jarek Radosz - Software Engineer
  • Kris Kotlarek - Software Engineer
  • Mark VanLandingham - Software Engineer
  • Martin Brennan - Software Engineer
  • Osioke Itseuwa - Community Advocate
  • Will Chau - Customer Success Manager
  • Jordan Vidrine - Designer
  • Kane York - Software Engineer
  • Michelle Vendrame - Technical Advocate
  • Tobias Eigen - Teams Product Manager
  • Jamie Wilson - Software Engineer
  • Michael Fitz-Payne - Operations Engineer
  • Osama Sayegh - Software Engineer
  • Blake Sorrell - Customer Success Manager
  • Eleni Michalaki - Operations Engineer
  • Andrei Prigorshnev - Software Engineer
  • Alex Reed - Administrative Assistant

While it's not a prerequisite, it's clear we love to hire from our community. To read more about each member (ft. glorious drawings) and working with us, check out discourse.org/team.

We're a fully remote company, working from 19 different countries and 15 different timezones, but does that make you wonder how we coordinate our work?

That’s right, we use Discourse as our primary team coordination tool to build Discourse! As it excels at asynchronous, distributed teamwork, we can keep interruptions like instant messaging, calls, and meetings to a minimum. If that approach sounds interesting, don't forget to try Discourse for Teams.

Here’s to…the future of Discourse and to our community 🍻