Discourse Installs for Non-Profit and Education

Jeff Atwood February 19, 2014

As of 2017, we offer

50% discount for legally recognized non-profit organizations

85% discount for legally recognized educational institutions

Just visit our signup page, then contact us at after signing up to activate your discount.

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for eriko eriko says:

    As much as I like this I think most .edu’s in the USA will have FERPA issues if they let students into something like this. This is part of why we host our own instance. That and I like coding on it. We also use Canvas which is cloud hosted and part of the selection process was them proving that they protected the data.

  2. Avatar for jae jae says:

    What are the use cases that come to mind for you as far as education?

    For example, are you thinking along the lines of in the classrooms or extracurricular teams? Secondary or post-secondary schooling?

  3. Avatar for eriko eriko says:

    So we are doing a closed garden on an instance we host our selves. The idea for us is to replace a couple mailing lists that everyone ignores and that frequently become shouting matches. This latter being why they are generally ignored. I also hope that is will become a hub for announcing and discussing events on and related to campus.
    The sort version is a community discussion area for a small college 5,500 students,staff and faculty.

  4. Hi @codinghorror! Vanessa from Peer 2 Peer University here.

    We’ve been using Discourse for our internal community and for our project-based moocs like Learning Creative Learning

    Right now we’re trying to come up with some best practices on installs for educational communities. So far, we’ve found it useful to make each learning module a category. I’ve combed through the UX forums but haven’t seen specific recommendations as far as pedagogy goes. If anyone has insights or recommendations, we’d be much obliged!

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