We’re Hiring a Sysadmin

Jeff Atwood April 23, 2015

Update: As of June 1st, 2015, this position is now filled.

Discourse has been growing by leaps and bounds, and we’re deep into the 1.3 release, which has some exciting new features.

Along with this growth, there have been some growing pains, mostly in the area of keeping up with configuration changes in our infrastructure. Which reminds me, have you followed @discourse on Twitter? If not, you should!

It has become very clear that we need someone here at Discourse working full time on system adminstration and ops. Obligatory XKCD:

Devotion to Duty

We’ve had excellent part-time support from our beloved Michael Brown, aka Supermathie, but despite offering him unlimited poutine, Coffee Crisp bars, Timbits, and as much milk in a bag as he could carry, we were sadly unable to convince him to join us full time.

Canadian Stereotype Comics

Needless to say, we’re sorry.

So, effective immediately, we are looking for an awesome full time 100% remote, work from home system administrator!

For an overview of what exactly you’d be working with, read about our current hosting configuration, and what’s in our server rack right now.

  • Work from home, 100% remote
  • Deep Linux sysadmin background, ideally in a hosting environment
  • Solid automation experience with Puppet / Chef / Ansible
  • Good working knowledge of the tools we currently rely on such as Docker, HAProxy, Nginx, Redis, Postgres, and Postfix.
  • Reasonable Cisco switch experience
  • You’re OK with some aspect of being “on call” in the event that things go sideways, and setting up monitoring with Graphite or Zabbix to make sure you know before that ever happens
  • General love of online discussion forums and Discourse, specifically (yes there will be a test)
  • Some Ruby and JavaScript development experience is a definite plus

We are very open to a devops transition here, if you want to help us build the Discourse software, too, but our immediate need and focus is on our hosting configuration and our hosting hardware.

If that sounds like your bag, email us at We’d love to talk to you. Come grow with us!

Notable Replies

  1. If I don’t fulfill every single requirement with excellence, should I even bother applying?

    I’m pretty sure this will get plenty of applications and you’ll probably filter out based on that first. Right? :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. The main requirement needs to be strongly met:

    Deep Linux sysadmin background, ideally in a hosting environment

  3. This sounds like a calling but I’d be dead weight while learning the ropes of the items underlined at “automation experience” and “tools we rely on”. I planned on learning those technologies but again, temporarily unable to do standard due to knowledge limitations.

    I am also available on call since I really don’t sleep that much, haha.

    Best of luck to whoever nabs this dream job.

  4. Avatar for Pirat Pirat says:

    I would have tried but I’m from Russia :areyoukiddingme:

  5. I know someone who might be interested if this position still open, I’ll send him the link.

  6. Has this been filled yet? I’m currently hunting a bit and might be interested. I’ve mainly been software engineer but I always wind up also doing devops/sysadmin for whomever I work for, and I’ve been running a small webhosting service on the side for over a decade. Unix Sysadmin is where I started…

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