Install Discourse in Under 30 Minutes

Jeff Atwood April 17, 2014

A few key things came together recently:

  • The official release of Discourse 1.0, with 1 GB RAM minimum support
  • The release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server previously followed by 14.04
  • Our Docker container one-click upgrade process is fully tested, and Docker has reached V1.0

Which means you can now install the latest version of Discourse on a cloud server in under 30 minutes with absolutely zero knowledge of Ruby, Rails, or Linux Shell.

Why, it’s almost … easy?

Discourse is now officially well beyond version 1.0, so it’s a great time to join the ecosystem.

Give our 30 minute cloud install a try. We even have a promo code to get you started – enter ALLSSD10 at Digital Ocean for $10 credit to cover your first month.

Tell us what you think!


Discourse on Ubuntu: Video Walkthrough

admin June 14, 2013

Update: These instructions are deprecated. The only officially supported installs are Docker based. Please refer to our official install guide!

Ubuntu Server is our preferred Linux distribution at Discourse. They’re also one of our three beta partners.

Michael whipped up the Discourse Ubuntu install guide relatively quickly, but a few people requested that someone make a video, as they prefer them over text and find them easier to follow. So I thought I’d make one:

Comments and suggested improvements, either to the video or the install guide itself, are welcome!


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