A brand new

Erlend Sogge Heggen April 12, 2017

This week we unveiled a completely revamped!

When our original website was first launched in 2013, Discourse’s features were quite novel. Concepts like “infinite scrolling”, “dynamic notifications” and “mobile-friendly” were state of the art for open source community platforms, especially stuck-in-90s era forum software. Now these features are taken for granted, as they should be.

That doesn’t mean we’ve stopped innovating; just look at our latest v1.7 release. But we no longer have to convince people that Discourse is modern, hip – dare I say radical – and keeping with the times. That’s a given. What we need to do now is explain …

What problem can Discourse solve for YOU?

It all started with a new topic

We use Discourse for our own internal team discussions — naturally! Almost a year ago I created a new topic titled “Proposal for a redesigned front page”. It included this mockup:

We all agreed that this needed to happen, just not right away. During the months that followed we sporadically followed up with examples of websites we liked or good sources of inspiration, like this one:

2017 came around and we decided it was time to get the wheels rolling. We went back and forth on the copywriting, which in hindsight is something I should have put much more emphasis on in the first place! My original mockup was all about revising our current copy. We ultimately settled on three “pillars”:

  1. Emails don’t scale.
  2. Problem solving is best done in public.
  3. Communities ought to be owned by their creators.

At this point we brought in web developer extraordinaire Kris Aubuchon to push this project to the finish line. Before long, a shiny new was just waiting for us to flip the switch, which we’ve now done!

If you like our new pitch, consider trusting us with the stewardship of your community: Check out our hosting plans, and then pop on over to and join us in celebrating this shiny new place we call home.


Discourse API Documentation Released!

Blake Erickson March 6, 2017

Today we would like to announce our much anticipated Official API Docs!

You can find them at:

Today, more than ever, an application needs to be able to integrate with other applications and the Discourse API allows you to easily integrate your Discourse forum with any other application. We do have a Ruby based API client, but your company or server might not support Ruby, so our documentation can easily be used to write an integration in any programming language through simple HTTP REST calls.

To aid in integrating with the Discourse API there are Postman files that you can import into your Postman app so that you can easily make API calls. Postman is a great tool that allows you to make API requests and see the HTTP status codes and responses. It can be a lot friendlier to use instead of a command line tool like cURL. Here is a demo:

What can you do with the API?

Anything you want! Because Discourse is a JavaScript application (with a Rails backend), we consume our own API, so anything the web application does your API integration can do as well.

You can use the API to manage all aspects of users like creating new user accounts, suspending a user, logging off a user, and assign roles to a user.

You can also create and respond to topics, gather stats about users, send private messages, upload files, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Discourse also has support for webhooks! This means that Discourse will send a POST request to an endpoint you specify every time an event triggers such as a new topic, new post, or a new user is created. This means that if you wanted to be notified every time someone mentions a specific keyword you wouldn’t have to poll Discourse every X minutes, but instead could just listen for the webhook event. Your app could then parse the topic and then use the API to send you a personal message in Discourse notifying you that keyword was used.

Contributors Welcome

The Discourse API Docs are of course open source and so contributions are more than welcome. If you find a bug, an un-documented endpoint, or anything else please feel free open a pull request following the contributing instructions.


Discourse’s Fourth Birthday

Jeff Atwood February 6, 2017

As of today*, it’s been four years of Discourse!

four cake with light

It feels like only only yesterday that we launched Discourse as an open source project. We’ve certainly been busy for the last four years:

I’m happy to announce that in our fourth year, we’ve just added two team members:

@falco aka Rafael dos Santos Silva from Brazil


@oblakeerickson aka wait for it.. O. Blake Erickson from Idaho, USA


This brings the total Discourse team size up from 9 to 11 souls.

Where do we go from here? Everywhere! Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

More Discourses, more features, more plugins, more integrations. Maybe throw a few new Emoji in there for good measure while we’re at it. And all of it, always, 100% free and open source for you, forever.

* OK technically yesterday but come on that was a Sunday!